SerialModelAircraft NameGroupSquadronMarkingCrewNotes
40-1361 B-26 Gran Pappy First plane off manufactory line
40-1362 B-26 Betsy 22nd Lt. McCutheon Belly landed in corn field patterson Ohio after losing an engine on Aug.8,1941
40-1363 B-26 Cossack /Rum Runner/Flying Cross 22nd 33rd Col. Divine Shot up over Lae Jun. 9,1942.And repair for Col.Haskins Staff.
40-1364 B-26 22nd Lt. Col. Larson Nose wheel failure on Apr.3,1941 due to ruts on air field.
40-1365 B-26 22nd Nose wheel failure at Chanute.
40-1366 B-26
40-1367 B-26
40-1368 B-26 Sad Sack/Easy Pickin/Lil Rebel 22nd Crashed on Takeoff at Dobodura,New Geuinea Sept. 8,1943
40-1369 B-26 Mammy Yokum 1st. Lt. W.J. Rhodes
40-1370 B-26 Basket Case 28th 73rd 11 P. Benjamin F. Schoenfeld Transferred to Alaska, Jan. 1942. Crash and destroyed on landing, Neknek, AK, Aug. 16, 1942. Two fatalities. The forward fuselage was recovered by the Aerospace Heritage Foundation of Utah in 2000 and is currently awaiting restoration.
40-1371 B-26 22nd Maiersperger
40-1372 B-26 Mammy Yokum 22nd Lt. Brian ONeill Nose wheel Failure at Langley on Apr.3,1941
40-1373 B-26
40-1374 B-26 28th 77th P. Lee W. Wright Crashed on Sept.2,1942 Fire Inland, AK.Killed in a Foreced Landing Engine Failure
40-1375 B-26 22nd Shannon Nose wheel failure at Martin Factory Jun.11,1941.
40-1376 B-26
40-1377 B-26 Maiersperger
40-1378 B-26
40-1379 B-26+B50
40-1380 XB-26D XB-26D 22nd Capt.Dwight Divine Bad landing at Langly and was probably destroyed Apr.16,1941. Test/Army
40-1381 B-26
40-1382 B-26 22nd Maiersperger
40-1383 B-26
40-1384 B-26 Maiersperger
40-1385 B-26
40-1386 B-26
40-1387 B-26 73rd Shot down by Destroyer off Kiska Oct.16,1942
40-1388 B-26 Pistol Packing Mama 22nd Capt. Albert Stanwood. Scrapped at Brisbane after 82 missions Jan. 1944
40-1389 B-26 22nd 33rd Lt. William A. Garnett Crash on landing at Archerfield, Brisbane,Australia Mar. 25,1942
40-1390 B-26 Lil De Icer 22nd Lt. Robert M. Rye / Lt. Jack W. Oliver Crashed on takeoff at Reid,australia, May 15,1942 8 Killed